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Luis Aguilar

  Misty I wanted to let you know that Denise is doing a fantastic job for us! She has more than met our expectations. She is always available for questions and responds to our staffing needs immediately. The candidates she has found for us have been well screened and our turnover rate is almost non-existent.

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Jr Lambert

  Good Morning, I wanted to say thanks for being able to adjust to our needs on a moment’s notice. We have been very pleased with the quick response and communication through emails and thanks for just stopping by to see how things are going.

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Nancy Herrera

  I want to thank you for your on site managers. They did an awesome job being available, for their support in providing the required information during our audit. We did great! It is my pleasure to work with them as a TEAM.

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Teresa Hart

  I would like to thank VSSI for bringing Burt onboard… we’re very pleased with the quality of service that he provides to our company as an onsite. We’ve noticed tremendous improvement and we’re extremely grateful and look forward to a successful partnership with VSSI.

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Anne Phillips

  I wanted to take a moment and recognize Cathy for her continued contribution in helping making our site successful. We have gone through many changes since I started in January and she has been able to adapt to meet our needs. She has also gone out of her way to help the other vendors [...]

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Donna Crofford

  We are very pleased and excited to have Valerie join our team. Our CEO is very impressed over the selection of your temps. I look forward to continued business with you.

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Neal Davis

  Everything is good! I've been dealing with Cynthia, and she's great! She really takes care of business. I'll let you know if I need anything. Thanks for checking in.

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Erica L. Holmes

  Felipe, I just wanted to let you know we really appreciate all that you and VSSI does for the Rushmore HP department. I also wanted to say thank you for the Refreshments and coffee we received today we really appreciate you taking your time to provide great customer service as well.

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Julie Clark

Luis is great and we are working well together!! I am very happy with the new arrangement and I believe our employees are too. Thanks for looking out for us.

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Brenda Jaquez

The VSSI Staffing team has truly been a valuable Business Partner as we continue to expand our operations. I'm confident in their talent management efforts, leadership team and experience along with sales & service capabilities.

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