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Training and Testing

VSSI offers a wide range of training and testing programs. Choose from one of our standard programs, or let us develop a customized program to meet your company’s specific needs.

Training Programs

ISO 9001 Certified Training Center

Well trained Employees are the key to a successful business. The right training provides the employee increased productivity, motivation and less turnover.


Realistic Job Preview

The Realistic Job Preview is an innovative interactive process where the candidate “previews” a job and demonstrates their ability to meet a company’s base line criteria before being hired. Potential candidates are exposed to the duties, responsibilities and performance expectations in an environment that closely simulates the actual working conditions.

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Pre-Employment Assessments

Our candidates are put through a comprehensive pre-employment assessment program. This testing assures that we match the right person with the right job. We can also customize a pre-employment program to match your specific industry needs.

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